In The Beginning...

Beginning in the late 1980s, Chip Hilliard entered the locomotive parts industry selling used parts out of an F100 pickup. Some of customers still recall seeing Chip and Brenda bringing parts by weekly. Since then, HEI has grown to become one of the largest used and remanufactured locomotive parts dealers in the nation and worldwide. Expanding many times since the late 1980s, with the acquisition of Unipar, LLC; a EMD power assembly rebuilder, Advanced Turbo Technology; a EMD, GE, and ALCO turbocharger rebuilder, and Little Rock Truck Parts; a used semi-truck parts reseller and exporter, HEI is able to offer a large selection of quality locomotive components to customers across the world like Class I railroads, short-line railroads, independent operators, parts dealers, rebuilders, and many others. HEI also offers locomotive services and inspections in some regions of the US. We want to extend an invitation to all of our customers as well as future customers to visit our facilities, in today's world it is important to us to share with our customers the quality of our facilities and our services.

Hilliard Enterprises, Inc. (HEI) is based in North Little Rock, Arkansas and supplies EMD, G.E., and ALCO diesel engines and spare parts to domestic and international locomotive, marine propulsion and power generation industries. HEI reclaims locomotives for both salvage and to remanufacture of components; offering OEM rebuilders, aftermarket rebuilders, and end-users a broad range of Running Take Out (RTO) diesel engines, internal engine components, main and auxiliary generators, main alternators, cooling fans, electrical components, air compressors, air brake components, equipment racks, traction motor combos, etc.

Customer service is the cornerstone of Hilliard Enterprises. Our goal is to create lasting relationships by delivering competitively priced, high quality parts and service in a manner that supports our client's needs. Our senior staff has over 400 years of service and developed an expertise in supplying new, used, and reconditioned parts for your locomotive, work boat, drilling rig, and power generation applications.

Extensive networks of suppliers and manufacturers combined with strong purchasing capability, enables HEI to deliver complete spare parts coverage for EMD, G.E., and ALCO engines, and their related applications. HEI maintains a large on-hand inventory and has rapid access to parts, including hard to find and obsolete items.

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